Chrome Moly Alloy Products

From pipe and tubing to fittings, flanges and related products, Tioga has the unmatched chrome moly alloy inventory to fulfill your project’s needs.

Tioga not only offers the largest chrome moly alloy inventory of its kind in the world, it’s also one of the most diverse—regularly stocking rare specifications, configurations and sizes. Combined with our logistical expertise, it’s a chrome inventory that’s perfectly positioned to deliver critical materials when you need them most.

Close relationships with all of the top chrome moly alloy mills give us greater control over delivery schedules and custom orders. Our large stocking distribution sites in Easton, PA and Houston, TX help expedite shipping of critical materials all over the world. Add that to our decades of experience supplying chrome alloy to highly technical, demanding industries, and you can rest assured your project will be done right. See it in action in a critical gas and chemical processing project—an $850 million ammonia plant.

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Chrome Moly Grade P1 Boiler replacement and repair
Chrome Moly Grade P5 Petroleum
Chrome Moly Grade P9 Petroleum
Chrome Moly Grade P11 Power generation, petroleum, high-temp
Chrome Moly Grade P22 Power generation, petroleum, high-temp
Chrome Moly Grade P91 Power generation
Chrome Moly Grade P92 Power generation