Project: USS Kitty Hawk Aircraft Carrier

Industry: Military Shipbuilding


The 86,000-ton USS Kitty Hawk was stuck in a Far East port with a critical need for MIC Level 1 pipe that required rigorous testing and government source inspection. The aircraft carrier could not sail without it, which constituted a significant naval strategic issue.


Due to our long history of being the pre-eminent supplier of Navy piping material, Tioga Military® had the required specialized pipe in stock at our Houston warehouse. The pipe was immediately put on a dedicated truck to our Easton, Pennsylvania facility where we process all U.S. Government Level I orders. 

Upon arrival, the material was subjected to an intensive rush cleaning procedure to prepare it for its critical testing regimen. Upon passing all testing, government source inspection was performed and the material was promptly put on an airplane heading to the Far East.  The entire process was done in nine days.


Tioga’s inventory, knowledge of military pipe specifications, quality assurance capabilities and logistical expertise made it possible to turn the entire order over in just nine days, after which the USS Kitty Hawk was able to return to its mission.

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