Nuclear Power Generation

Tioga Nuclear Products® knows what it takes to supply critical components to the nuclear power industry.

The requirements for nuclear power generation plants are among the strictest in the world. There are few suppliers that can meet those standards, and none of them have Tioga’s depth of experience in supplying nuclear power plants.

Tioga Nuclear Products® have continuously maintained our ASME Nuclear Certificate and QSC distributor status since 1982—the longest in the U.S. Together, our personnel have 150 years of cumulative nuclear experience ranging from quality assurance to production.

Whether you need to procure unusual or difficult spec materials, meet special packaging and shipping standards or carry out tight quality assurance guidelines, Tioga Nuclear Products® have the experience and know-how to supply your needs. Whether you require pipe or plate, forgings or structurals, Tioga is the source for nuclear supply.

Combined with our unparalleled inventory of special metals, dedicated project management and global sourcing network, you can count on us to deliver the materials you need on-spec and on-schedule, with proper documentation.

That’s why nuclear power generation plants across the world look to Tioga Nuclear Products® to supply their mission-critical components.

We have been audited by NUPIC and NIAC and meet the complex requirements of:

  • ASME Section III
  • 10CFR50 Appendix B
  • N45.2
  • NQA-1
  • CAN3-Z299 SERIES

Other Markets We Supply

Tioga supplies specialized steel pipe, fittings, flanges and related products to these other end markets:

Global Power Generation >
Oil Refining >
Gas & Chemical Processing >
Military Shipbuilding >
Heater Industry >
Boiler Industry >
Fabrication Industry >

Contact Us 24/7/365: or 800-523-3678 for your material requirements. Our industry leading sales and service teams are ready to fulfill your requirements.

Case Study

Nuclear Power Generation
Project: Catawba Nuclear Plant

Discover how Tioga Nuclear Products® helped Duke Energy overcome the rapidly rising costs of a specialized alloy for their new nuclear plant.

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