Stainless Pipe Composition Chart

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A312/A312M Stainless Steel Pipe Composition Percentage* Chart
Grade Carbon (C) Maganese (Mn) Phosporus (P) Sulphur (S) Silicon (Si) Chromium (Cr) Nickel (Ni) Molybenum (Mo) Titanium (Ti) Niobium (Nb) Nitrogen (N) UNS (#) Tensile (ksi) (Min) Yield (ksi) (Min)
3040.082.000.0450.0301.0018.0 -20.08.0 -11.0S304007530
304L0.035 (A)2.000.0450.0301.0018.0 -20.08.0 -13.0S304037025
304H0.04 - -20.08.0 - 11.0S304097530
310S0.082.000.0450.0301.0024.0 -26.019.0 -22.00.75S310087530
310H0.04-0.0102.000.0450.0301.0024.0 -26.019.0 -22.0S310097530
3160.082.000.0450.0301.0016.0 -18.010.0 -14.02.0-3.0S316007530
316L0.035 (A)2.000.0450.0301.0016.0 -18.010.0 -14.02.0-3.0S316037025
316H0.04- -18.010.0 -14.02.0-3.0S316097530
3210.082.000.0450.0301.0017.0 -19.09.0 -12.0(B)0.10S321007530
321H0.04 - -19.09.0 -12.04(C+N) min; 0.70 max0.10S321097530
3470.082.000.0450.0301.0017.0 -19.09.0 -13.0(C)S347007530
347H0.04 - -19.09.0 -13.0(D)S347097530
*Maximum unless otherwise indicated. Where (…) appears in this table, there is no requirement and analysis for the element need not be determined or reported.
(A) For small diameter or thin walls or both, where many drawing passes are required, a carbon maximum of 0.040% is necessary in grades TP304L and TP316L. Small outside diameter tubes are defined as those less than 0.500 in. [12.7 mm] in outside diameter and light wall tubes as those less than 0.049 in. [1.20 mm] in average wall thickness (0.044 in. [1.10 mm] in minimum wall thickness).
(B) Type 321: For Titanium 5(C+N) min; 0.70 max.
(C) Type 347: The Niobium content shall not be less than 10 times the carbon content and not more than 1.00%
(D) Type 347H: The Niobium content shall not be less than 8 times the carbon content and not more than 1.0%
All percentages are based on ASTM A312/A312M-17 references as of 6/28/2018.