Project: Westinghouse AP-1000

Industry: Nuclear Power Generation


Westinghouse sold its reactor design, the AP-1000, to three power companies in the United States for construction of six new nuclear reactors. The complexity and extraordinarily difficult design requirements of the reactor coolant loops (RCL) presented a major supply challenge for Westinghouse.


Tioga partnered with IBF, S.p.A. in Italy and invested in producing an RCL prototype to demonstrate our ability to meet Westinghouse’s unique design specifications using HL CL materials SA-376 and TP316LN and SL materials SA-312 and TP316LN.

Upon approval of the prototype and issuance of a contract for six RCL units, Tioga established a dedicated team of quality assurance, project management and executive management personnel. 


In partnership with IBF, Tioga has successfully produced, inspected and received Westinghouse approval for completed RCL units. To date, we have delivered four complete sets of RCL components, on spec and on time.

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